Joe Harris is having a historical season 15/30 (Miller, Allen, and Curry aren’t even close to the Nets guard)

Joe Harris is having a historical season 15/30 (Miller, Allen, and Curry aren’t even close to the Nets guard)

When you’re in a team with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, it’s hard to get under the spotlight, no matter how good you’re playing. Joe Harris, however, probably doesn’t even like the flashy lights. Still, his game speaks for himself, and Joe’s season in the Nets uniform is not supposed to go under the radar.

So far this season, Harris averages 15,1 points per game with mind-boggling shooting splits. He shoots 53.4% from the field, and his 3-point average is astonishingly high at 50.7%. Joe is on pace to become the first player in NBA history to shoot 50+ field goal percentage and 50+ 3-point percentage in a season with a minimum of five 3-point attempts per game.

He’s leading the league in 3-point shooting percentage and is attempting 6.6 3-points per game, just like LeBron James. Joe’s convincingly having his career-best shooting season, and till now, his best 3-point average through the season was 47.4% (5.1 3-point attempts per game) in 2018/19.

But how does he compare with the best shooters in the NBA? For example, Steph Curry is shooting 42.5% from deep this season, and his career-high average is 45.5% (4.7 attempts per game) in the 2011/12 season. Also, Golden State playmaker had only one season (2015/16) in which his field goal shooting was over 50%, precisely 50.4%.
Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson is also known as a sharpshooter his whole career, but his best shooting season was in 2017/18 when he was shooting 44.0% from deep.

As far as history goes, none of the best shooters even came close to Joes’s current shooting form. Reggie Miller had ten seasons in which he was shooting for three over 40%. His best 3-point shooting season came in 1997/98 season when he averaged 42.9% from deep. Miller had four seasons in his career where his field goal percentage was over 50%.

Ray Allen is also considered as one of the best there is when it comes to 3-point shooting. However, Allen’s best 3-point average came in Boston jersey in 2011/12, when he averaged 45.3% for the season.

When we look at the numbers, Joe is having a remarkable season. Not just with the 3-point percentage but with the volume too. It will be pretty hard for him to keep up these numbers throughout the season, but even if he records a slight decline, he would still have the best shooting season ever.