Joakim Noah says he was partying too hard while playing for the NY Knicks

Joakim Noah says he was partying too hard while playing for the NY Knicks

Joakim Noah had some of his best NBA years during his time with the Chicago Bulls. After his long engagement with the Bulls, he then signs a monster $72 million dollar deal with the New York Knicks.

It’s safe to say this contract with the Knicks is regarded as one of the worst contracts in Knicks history, which is pretty hard based on all the bad contracts they were giving out in the last 15 years. He now signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, and this is probably his last chance to stay in the NBA, while at the same time competing for the playoffs.

In a recent interview on the Chris Vernon Show, Noah looked back on his time with the Knicks and said something very interested about the lifestyle he had as an NBA star over there.

“I can look back at it and say I was ready for New York City, but I wasn’t. Not just the pressure. I remember after the first game I had 60 people in my house. I’m too lit to play in New York City. Memphis is perfect for me.”

Noah compared the life he had in Chicago and the one in New York and concluded there were pretty similar, however, he was much young back then so it was easier for him to cope with it.

“We were lit in Chicago but I was young so you recover faster. Yeah, partying. Just yeah. I’m getting paid millions of dollars and have nothing to do and I’m 32 years old.”

There were even reports that younger players like Frank Ntilikina and others were told to avoid going out with Noah.

Hopefully,  Noah will find his peace in Memphis so he can focus solely on basketball. An experienced center like him brings a lot of energy on the floor and could potentially be a perfect fit for a team like the Grizzlies.