JJ Redick announced retirement in an emotional video “It’s time for me to be a dad”

JJ Redick announced retirement in an emotional video “It’s time for me to be a dad”

After 15 years in the NBA, JJ Redick has announced his retirement from the NBA via his podcast uploaded on Youtube. Redick cited many reasons for his decision, but the primary factor was his family.

Father time remains undefeated

Fans were caught by surprise with this announcement. At this point of his career, Redick could ring-chase and join super teams. However, his playtime dwindled due to injuries and recovery. In his podcast, he cited the reason for his sudden decision to hang it up.

“I would like to describe last season as a seven-month exercise in coming face to face with my own athletic mortality and it was scary and confusing. I wanted to give myself some time to reflect and figure out if I wanted to keep playing and it’s one of the reasons that I told teams that called during free agency that I would decide later on. I didn’t want to commit to anything until I was sure. Well, I’ll have some clarity now and I know it’s time for me to be a dad. It’s time for me to reflect pause and get ready for the next phase of my life.”

JJ Redick, The Old Man and The Three

As with any athlete, there will come a time that the injuries will take their toll. The player will start to notice the changes on the physical side. Things changed, and they could not recover as fast as before. For Redick, it was a classic type of Father Time calling.

JJ revealed he has to get Achilles surgery. As much as sports science has improved, that’s still the most challenging procedure to come back from, and at 38 years old, Redick realized it was time to hang them up. 

Love of the game

As much as he was in control, there were several moments emotions showed up in the announcement – mainly when JJ took the time to thank everyone that helped him during his career. He pointed out he will miss the fans and the camaraderie most of all. But, for a while now, it was obvious JJ was making his career choices with his no.1 team in mind.  Last year, he put the Pelicans on blast after they traded him to Dallas.

“I was shocked, I was floored, I was not expecting at that point to get traded. This is not any sort of slight at the Dallas Mavericks, but the Mavericks were not any of the teams in any point in time that we had discussed. So I was a little jarred after and I called Mark [Cuban] and what I told Mark was in any other year I’d be thrilled to get traded to the Dallas Mavericks.”

JJ Redick, The Old Man and The Three

JJ had an agreement with the Pels that if they wanted to trade him, they would trade him close to New York so that he could be with his family. David Griffin broke that promise, and Redick was not happy about it. For 15 years, family had to take a back seat to his career. Redick decided it was time to start returning the favor. 

The best team JJ played on was the Lob City Clippers – Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, and Jamal Crawford. That Clippers team was stacked, and a lot expected them to win or get to the Finals. However, Redick revealed the team lacked the mental toughness to win a championship. 

Even if he did not win a ring, he had a career most players could only dream of. Congratulations on the retirement, and best of luck on your next journey JJ.