Jimmy Butler throws shade at his former teammates after his home debut win

Jimmy Butler throws shade at his former teammates after his home debut win

Jimmy Butler made his home debut last night against Utah Jazz in front of an electrifying crowd at Wells Fargo Center. Butler finished the game scoring a team-high 28 points and dishing out 7 assists providing the 76ers a much-needed win at home.

The game also featured the appearance of former Philly superstar Allen Iverson who was in attendance and we’re positive he had something to see because the game itself was intense all the way to the very end. After his fantastic performance, Butler was interviewed by the reporters and the question was related to his initial thoughts about the new team and what is the difference from Minnesota Timberwolves

Butler threw some jabs at his former teammates which might not be appropriate, however, it’s well known about the animosity that was building up recently between him and the Timberwolves which eventually resulted in him being traded to 76ers.

“It’s so fun to win and so much more fun to play with these guys. Everybody wants to win, and when somebody messes up, you talk to them. They don’t take it personally and they do their job. I think everybody is such a good basketball player and we all want to do right.”

Butler replaced one young and talented group of players with a different one and he already sees the difference in the approach to the game of basketball.

He said the 76ers are “talented and hard-working” but also have a lot of desire to win games.

“I love this group of guys,” “They want to win, and I think we’ll continue to do that.”

Butlers scoring ability and simply his will to run the floor goes hand in hand with Simmons ability to find an open man in transition. This is something Butler appreciates a lot and it seems that connection is already working well.

“When your point guard looks at you and gives you one of those (nods), just be prepared for the ball to come,” Butler said of Simmons. “He’s an incredible passer. His vision is unreal, and he knew it was going to be there. I tip my hat to him.”