Jerry West shares his appreciation for Michael Jordan

Jerry West shares his appreciation for Michael Jordan

Jerry West is a true NBA legend who’s been around the game for more than five decades. He is still the current logo of the NBA, having a tremendous career as a player and later on as an executive for several NBA teams. Having extensive knowledge about basketball and what makes a great player, West could recognize and draft talented players. He was an architect behind several championship squads. However, to this day, West still believes Michael Jordan is an athlete you see once in a lifetime with a rare combination of talent and skill.

In a recent interview for The Buster Show, West talked about what made Jordan unique as a player and a competitor. Remember, West had the opportunity to play with and against numerous HOF. On top of that, he later coached and mentored great players and is definitely a person with vast knowledge about the game because he’s seen it all in his lifetime. That is why his appreciation for Jordan means a lot because West refers to Jordan as special in every possible way.

I know Michael really well, and there is no questions if you are a great player, and certainly, we haven’t seen a player like him in my lifetime. His impressive play on both ends of the court, and he was arguably the best offensive player in the league. We haven’t seen that before. The competitive nature of Michael was just unique. If there was someone who was a challenge to him in terms of talking about the best player in the league, he was going to prove that wasn’t the case. He would also go to lead his team; he was a fierce competitor. Physically we haven’t seen a package like that: the quickness, the lateral quickness, the vertical, the running, gigantic hands. Being able to do things in the air, we really haven’t seen anyone do it like him.

Jerry West, via The Buster Show

Everyone knows who Jordan was and how great of a basketball player he was back in the day, but when a legend like Jerry West breaks it down like this, it definitely adds another perspective. West has seen it all in his long career working in the NBA, so it comes with no surprise that he respects Jordan and everything he did in making the NBA a global product.