Jerry West doesn’t like when people hate on LeBron James

Jerry West doesn’t like when people hate on LeBron James

Jerry West is a logo of the NBA for a good reason. After a historic career as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, West proved he is equally successful in managing teams capable of winning a championship. In addition, his impeccable basketball IQ enabled West to position himself as one of the best GMs in NBA history who drafted young talent and sign big stars to join the teams.

NBA fans and analysts often criticize LeBron James because of his negative record in the NBA finals, which was pretty much the same story with Jerry West throughout his career. West lost far more NBA finals than he had won; however, he always acted like a true professional and respected LeBron for the same reasons.

In an interview, West said LeBron does everything on the floor to help his team win and that his legacy can be viewed objectively after his career is over. West also respects LeBron because of his competitive spirit and the ability to carry his teams into the NBA finals for several years in a row.

“For some reason and I don’t know why a lot of people don’t give him his just do sometimes because he is such an incredible player. He is a swiss army knife; he does everything. Rebounds pass, blocked shots, he can score the ball. I think when he leaves the game, I think his legacy will be huge. Near to where Michael Jordan’s legacy has been. He is someone I admire a lot. He competes every night, and he doesn’t take the nights out.”

Jerry West

Even though LeBron is one of the most successful and accomplished NBA players of all time, he gets a lot of hate for different reasons. Criticism has always followed LeBron, ever since he came out of high school, but he never seemed to care that much about it and worked on perfecting his craft. Like West mentioned, people will have to judge LeBron after his career is over when he might be considered the greatest player in NBA history. In the meantime, his NBA journey is still ongoing, and he has his eye set on another championship if things fall in line with the Lakers going into the playoffs.