Jeanie and Rob included Magic on emails that critizise him

Jeanie and Rob included Magic on emails that critizise him

This just keeps getting more unbelievable. Honestly, this is not from a satire page. This actually happened!

Ric Bucher was on Colin Cowherd’s show and shared some new information about the dysfunction in the Lakers organization. It seems it was standard practice for Jeanie to CC or BCC Magic on all email to keep him in the loop about everything happening within the organization.

Makes sense for the President of Basketball Operations. Ask any person in that position and they will always tell you nobody can imagine how many different decisions you have to make every day and how many different areas of the business you cover.

According to Bucher, Jeanie must have forgotten about that standard practice and cc’ed or bcc’ed Magic on an email chain between her and Rob Pelinka where they were discussing Magic’s performance, not in a very good light.

This isn’t hard to believe as we already learned that Pelinka tried to point out Magic wasn’t committed every way possible, including walking around the facility and asking if anyone has seen Magic when he knew nobody did because he wasn’t there.

This may partly explain the way in which Magic left. It is understandable for your boss to ask other people to asses your performance, but when it happens in such a manner it may seal the deal.

More so, this is the kind of stuff the Lakers need to improve upon if they want to convince a top-level GM to join the organization. This was just amateur hour.