Jayson Tatum has a picture of him dunking on LeBron at his house

Jayson Tatum has a picture of him dunking on LeBron at his house

Jayson Tatum is one of the youngest players in the league but at the same time one of the biggest talents and something the Boston Celtics should be very happy about if they are looking to win championships in the upcoming years.

At 6″9 and an outstanding reach, Tatum is showing a polished offensive game and is improving on the defensive end every year. His size and length is a factor that gives him a significant edge against other forwards.

One of the players who experienced the full wrath of Tatum’s crazy athletic ability was none other than LeBron James. In game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last year, Tatum delivered a big-time dunk on LeBron which was a real sign of the extreme talent this kid possesses.

Even though the Celtics lost that game in a very dramatic finish, this dunks was one of the hottest highlights simply because it featured someone actually dunking on LeBron James which is a rare opportunity for any player in the league.

Tatum said he watched that video over and over again and he even has a picture of it hanging in his house. Even though the Cavaliers won that series and went to proceed in the NBA Finals, Tatum immortalized that moment he dunked on LeBron

“I’ve got a big-ass picture of it in my house.”

Even though everybody expected a bigger leap in his productivity in the regular season, Tatum proved he is already one of the brightest stars in the league. It also seems he is playing much better in playoff games, and so far in the series against the Pacers, he’s been averaging 20.5 points. At the same time, he is often guarding the best wing players on the opposing team and contributing in big ways on both ends of the floor.