Jason Williams shares which player has the best handles in the NBA today and who is his favorite player he loves watching perform

In a recent interview with House of Higlights, Jason Williams, also known as the White Chocolate, talked about several interesting things from his career. Williams is still, to this day, considered the best ball-handler in NBA history, which is not far from the truth if you watched some of his highlights. Williams still regularly watches NBA games whenever he has the time and was asked which player, in his opinion, has the best handles in the league right now.

Williams said he enjoys watching Kyrie Irving, and he even believes he has better ball-handling skills than he had, which is pretty hard to believe if you followed his career. He also gave more insight into why Irving is so successful and what makes him different from other guards in the league.

“I think Kyrie has the best handles ever for me. He can get anywhere on the floor he wants to get. He can get through the cracks and crevices, and he is fast, and he can finish with the other hand. “

Even though Williams believes Kyrie is the best ball-handler in league history, he is a big fan of Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Williams thinks most fans don’t understand how competitive Westbrook is and what he brings to the table every single game in terms of his pure desire to win.

“I’m a Russell Westbrook guy. I’m a LeBron guy, too, and I think LeBron is the best player still, but Russell is my favorite. I think he gets a bad rap. As long as he won and didn’t score a point or didn’t get a rebound or didn’t get an assist, that’s all he would care about. I think that a lot of people think he’s caring about the triple-doubles and things like that, which is not true. He just wants to win.”

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