Jason Terry with a hilarious break down of when LeBron James dunked on him

Jason Terry with a hilarious break down of when LeBron James dunked on him

Former NBA player Jason Terry and LeBron James have a history between themselves before Terry retired from the NBA. They met in the 2011 NBA finals when the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat, and it was a moment in which Terry, as an important piece on that Mavs championship squad, earned LeBron’s and Wade’s respect. However, LeBron was able to get some revenge on Terry when he was a Boston Celtics member, and LeBron threw down an incredible dunk over Terry when he almost jumped over him.

In a recent interview for Bleacher Report, Terry described what happened in this play and how that dunk came about. Although that dunk was all over the internet, Terry even thinks some of the memes people made were funny. Still to this day, he’s not sure why he even tried to jump to stop LeBron’s dunk when he immediately knew what was going to happen.

I was coming down, and I turned the ball over, so it was an instinct for me; if I turn the ball over, I have to get it back. So I see Chalmers coming at me, and LeBron is coming down the middle. I turned around, and he was already in the air. What made me jump is what I’m trying to figure out, and even if I did jump, I’m not touching that. I didn’t hop up quick, I laid there for a minute, and I think that is the picture that became the meme. I’m lying there with my arms crossed like we are at the funeral. They even said on Wikipedia that was my death day, and they had the date and everything on it. That is crazy, man.

Jason Terry, via Bleacher Report