Jason Richardson: The NBA’s forgotten dunk king

Jason Richardson: The NBA’s forgotten dunk king

Jason Richardson, known as “J-Rich” was known as one of the most exciting players of the 2000s, as he was always putting a show on, no matter was it a game or the dunk contest. But Richardson wasn’t just a dunker.

J-Rich was flashy, but he was also a talented scorer who finished his career averaging 17 points per game and once had a season in which he put up 23 a game. He was part of some good teams, including the We Believe Warriors and the Seven Seconds or Less Suns.

Early in his career, however, Richardson was one of the best dunkers the league had ever seen. Richardson won back-to-back dunk competitions by combining ridiculous athleticism with flair and inventiveness. He wasn’t only a dunk contest standout, though. If he was out on the break, he would throw down 360s and windmills with regularity, even after he departed Golden State.

He was also one of the most entertaining players of his generation when he was young. Who can forget him punking Carlos Boozer in the Rookie vs. Sophomore game by bouncing the ball of his head?

He became a journeyman late in his career, with stints in Charlotte, Orlando, and Philadelphia, where he was put in a veteran leadership role.

Richardson was on the Hawks’ training camp roster in the 2015 season, looking to end his career on a winning team. The discovery of bone spurs on his previously healthy right leg led him to make the decision to call it quits.

“I didn’t want to limp the rest of my life,” Richardson told Yahoo Sports. “I still have my whole life in front of me, God willing.”

Just like that, one of the best dunkers ever exited the game. He will now find immortality through all the highlights he left us.