“Jason Kidd will be the Lakers head coach in 2 years”

“Jason Kidd will be the Lakers head coach in 2 years”

So, the Lakers have a new coaching staff led by Frank Vogel and the prominent Jason Kidd. This weird marriage screams one question. If the Lakers liked Kidd so much, why didn’t they hire him as the head coach in the first place???

Well, the reason is – Jason Kidd himself. He comes with personal baggage, a domestic violence case that resulted in divorce, driving while intoxicated and a reputation of not being the most trustworthy teammate in his playing days.

People can change and make up for their mistakes, so let’s look at his coaching history. At both stops in Brooklyn and Milwaukee, Kidd never excelled in the Xs and Os, and “he gave the impression he wanted more than the head coaching responsibilities, he wanted to run the show.” to quote Stephen A Smith. Don’t forget, a majority of the coaching community had a big problem the way he promoted himself for the Lakers gig while Walton was still the coach.

Taking all this into consideration, Smith made the following prediction:

This isn’t even about the Lakers trying to sneak Kidd on the bench and then promote him to head coach within two years (which is a very Lakers thing to do). The thing is, if a candidate has so many flags in his resume – maybe don’t hire him?

And then they are surprised so many people passed on “the dream job” of coaching the LA Lakes.