JAMES HARDEN THINKS the Rockets need to add more pieces around him and Westbrook

JAMES HARDEN THINKS the Rockets need to add more pieces around him and Westbrook

The Houston Rockets were eliminated from the playoffs after their blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers last night. It was evident the Rockets don’t have enough firepower to stop the Lakers, and other than James Harden, every Rockets player had a bad game last night. Russell Westbrook even had a trash-talking incident with Rajon Rondo‘s brother culminating at the end of the game. All in all, this was the series Rockets definitely want to forget and start thinking about the upcoming season.

After the game, Harden gave an interview in which he talked about the frustration of losing, especially after all the hard work he put in individually. It was evident there is a missing piece within the Rockets squad that could potentially take them to the next level, and Harden is fully aware of that situation.

It’s very, very frustrating, especially because of all the work I individually put in, but I got to chip away until I can’t go anymore. I feel like we are a piece away, and we need to try and figure out and grow and put the right pieces around Russ and me to get where we want to go.

James Harden

The Rockets will have to do a lot of soulsearching before the next season starts and figure out the best approach moving forward. Adding Westbrook to the roster simply wasn’t enough. The Rockets management will have to make some serious moves if they want to be competitive in the western conference stacked with championship-caliber teams. It’s hard to say which moves the Rockets to make, but they definitely have some options, but finding the right one will definitely be a challenge.