James Harden thinks people should focus on his greatness

James Harden thinks people should focus on his greatness

James Harden is having an MVP type season so far and anyone who doesn’t believe it is either blind or doesn’t recognize good basketball. After his epic performance against the Golden State Warriors in which he scored 44-points, dished 15-assists, grabbed 10-rebounds and hit the game winning shot, it seems all eyes are turned on James Harden and his ability to deliver instant offense.

A lot of fans have problem with James Harden and his frequency of getting to the free-throw more then any other player in the league. After the game against the Warriors, Harden raised his concerns regarding the fact that fans don’t appreciate his game and what he offers on a nightly basis for his team.

I’ve got the total package. I get to the basket aggressive and I shoot my shot. Don’t foul me on my jump shot and then we won’t have nothing to talk about. It’s simple as that.

“(People) talk too much about my fouls and not actually the greatness of what I’m doing out there on the court. That’s what we need to focus on.”

For the past couple of seasons, Harden has led the league in free throw attempts and he is very intelligent in getting his opponents in situations where the only option for them is to foul Harden on his way to the basket.

For the past month, Harden’s numbers are simply astonishing. “The Beard” is averaging 41.1 points, 9.5 assists, 7.1 rebounds, and 2.1 steals per game and it seems he is not planning to stop.

Whether someone likes Harden or not, we are witnessing one of the best scoring runs in recent NBA history and it will be interesting for how long Harden can keep up with this tempo.