James Harden thinks most players don’t really love basketball

James Harden thinks most players don’t really love basketball

The love for the game is essential if you’re talented and want to achieve something as a professional basketball player. It’s even harder to do so if you want to make it in the NBA, however, the love for the game must be present with you at all times.

James Harden thinks a lot of the players today don’t have the same passion and love for the game as he does. If you’re tall and jump high you are naturally more inclined to play the sport even though you might not love it as much as you should.

In a shootaround, prior to the game, yesterday Harden gave more insight on what he means when he says some players don’t actually love the game of basketball.

Most players don’t really love basketball. They just do it because they can jump high, or shoot the ball very well, or they’re tall. … But it’s been that way since high school. Every single year you’ve got to find ways to get better.” – James Harden on being a game changer and improving his game each year

In a few interviews, James Harden stressed out the importance of loving the game in order to be a successful NBA player and based on the legendary season he is having so far,  you could definitely say his success this season is a combination of hard work, talent and love for the game.