James Harden talks about the rumors of his beef with Chris Paul

James Harden talks about the rumors of his beef with Chris Paul

There was a lot of media attention surrounding the relationship between Chris Paul and James Harden during their time playing together for the Houston Rockets. According to Harden, the media was publishing fake news in order to blow the situation out of proportion and making things look way different than they actually were in reality.

We’ve seen several video clips during their season where both players got into arguments because of various things that were happening on the court and if you ever played an organized sport in any way, you probably knew these things tend to happen quite often in a competitive environment.

In a recent interview, Harden cleared out the air in regards to this topic, saying he had no influence on the departure of Chris Paul from the Rockets, and how NBA is all about business first and this is the only reason behind Chris Paul’s trade that brought Russell Westbrook to the Rockets. Harden and Paul were both in constant communication and their relationship was more than good during their tenure with the Rockets.

“It was a lot of false talks. Obviously, as competitors on the court, you can have disagreements on the court but that is just a part of basketball and everybody has that no matter at what level the basketball is played in. All the negative media stuff that was going, wasn’t true. I and Chris had constant communication and we were good.”

The media speculations and fake news is something Harden isn’t too happy about because it totally portrays a wrong picture of their relationship and throws shade on Harden as a teammate and a leader. Harden said he has nothing against Paul, and even though he left the team, he still considers him a beast and is thankful for the three years he spent with the team bringing experience and knowledge into a team that was lacking those attributes.

“It’s funny how guys can speculate and make false stories on TV and for some reason people started to believe in it. That is where guys need to make sure their facts are true before they put that in the media or on national television.  For me personally, and I sure for Chris as well, we didn’t pay attention to it. Chris has been unbelievable last three years as a leader, mentor and all that stuff.  It’s just business and things sometimes don’t work out. He is a great dude and I have nothing negative to say about him. He is a beast.”