James Bouknight explains why he thinks he would fit right in with Warriors

James Bouknight explains why he thinks he would fit right in with Warriors

The anticipation about the way the Warriors will look next season is very high. If Steph Curry had a little more help, they would probably make it to the postseason. For the upcoming season, we should finally see healthy Klay Thompson, and if Curry keeps his level similar to last season, that should be enough to turn Warriors from a near-playoff team into a contender. That’s why tonight’s draft is crucial for the Warriors.

The Warriors have two choices: either they will make their pick at No. 7 overall or move it for a more experienced player who could instantly help them. If they chose to pick someone from seventh place, reports say they could be interested in James Bouknight. The UConn sophomore worked out in San Francisco with the team, and allegedly he impressed everyone with his skills, especially with his shooting. Also, Bouknight sees himself as a great fit with the Warriors.

“I worked out with the Warriors, it was actually a great workout. In terms of on the court stuff, just playing with Steph and Klay and Draymond, being someone who can play off the ball and maybe like relieve some tension when they’re in the game. And then coming in as a reserve — just me and Jordan Poole, be more dominant and we could be like a great 1-2 punch off the bench. We’d be a great scoring combo”, Bouknight said.

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The 6-foot-5, 190-pound shooting guard, knows how to put the ball through the basket, but he struggled with his three-point shot in his second season at Uconn. Indeed some of that was because of midseason elbow surgery. Bouknight averaged 18.7 points and 5.7 rebounds over 31.7 minutes per game last season at Connecticut. James isn’t shy of drawing fouls either – he averaged 5.4 free throw attempts per game, and he managed to score 77.8 percent of his shots from the free-throw line. He may not have superstar potential, but Bouknight is a player you can see holding his own in the Playoffs as a rookie.

But, the Warriors aren’t the only team interested in signing Bouknight;  other teams are also considering selecting him on the draft night, including the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have the no.6 pick – one ahead of Golden State. It will be interesting to see how the Warriors will resolve their future – will they invest in their future or pick up instant help.