Jamal Murray resurfaces with a video showing amazing recovery from ACL

Jamal Murray resurfaces with a video showing amazing recovery from ACL

Jamal Murray’s devastating injury eliminated the Nuggets from title contention. To add insult to injury, it happened so late in the season that it seemed Jamal will probably miss the entire ’21/’22 season. Nuggets fans received great news after Jamal Murray published a video showing his recovery. How far can Denver go with a healthy Murray next year?

Murray is Robin to Jokić’s Batman

Nikola Jokić elevated his game to superstardom last year. After capturing the MVP award, there’s no debate he is one of the best players in the NBA. With a healthy Jamal Murray, they make the deadliest pick and roll duo in the league. Could the Nuggets have that pick and roll at full strength in the Playoffs?

As with other NBA players who also had ACL injuries, coming back from this ordeal is easier said than done. It takes mental toughness to undergo the long rehabilitation process. That’s why seeing Murray move on the court just 17 weeks after his injury is a breath of fresh air for basketball fans. 

This certainly is good news not only to Denver diehards but to the whole NBA as well. When healthy, Jamal’s game can be at par with the best of them. Jokić can do the heavy lifting but he needs an excellent supporting cast who can help him lead the Nuggets to the promised land. It remains to be seen how effective Murray can be when he starts playing next season but judging from the early looks of it he could be in the game a lot sooner. 

Players who recovered from torn ACL

With the advance in medical science, an ACL tear is no longer a career-ending injury. Al Harrington, David West, Jamal Crawford, Corey Brewer, Kyle Lowry, and Zach LaVine are just some of the players that came back as the same or even better players. Recovery time may vary depending on the player, but it’s usually predicted around 9 months.

Murray running like this can give Nuggets fans hope he may return sooner, but they shouldn’t lose the big picture out of sight. The Nuggets core has their best year ahead of them. It would be great to get Jamal some NBA minutes before the Playoffs, but their championship window won’t close if they don’t contend next season. Better safe than sorry.