Jamal Crawford’s historic performance against the Dallas Mavericks

Jamal Crawford’s historic performance against the Dallas Mavericks

The attention in the last night’s game between Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns was pretty much mostly focused around Dirk Nowitzki and for the right reasons. Dirk retired after 21 seasons with the same team and he really did put on a show for the fans last night in a win against the Suns. However, one other veteran also had a historic performance last night and it’s none other than Jamal Crawford.

Crawford finished the game with an astonishing 51 points. At the age of 39, he became the oldest player in NBA history to achieve something like this. Alongside those 51 points, he added 5 rebounds and 5 assists, unfortunately, it was Dirk who had a team-high 30 points and lead his Mavericks in the last win of this season.

Crawford, who has been in the league for 19 years and bounced quite a bit around the league during that time, was always known as one of the flashiest guards in the NBA and a true sixth man ready to contribute from the bench and give an immediate boost on offense.

There was also some concern that this might be Jamal’s last season in the NBA even though judging by his performances this year and especially in the last game, it might so happen Jamal decides to give it a go for one more year with the Suns or even a championship contender.

Nevertheless, of what he decides after his season, Jamal will be remembered as someone who truly brought excitement every time he stepped on the basketball court. He was a Sixth Man of the Year three times and a true professional no matter which team he played for in his long and successful career.