Jalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons’ first 3-pointer in a Sixers uniform

Jalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons’ first 3-pointer in a Sixers uniform

Videos of Ben Simmons knocking down long threes were all over our news feed this summer. And while many NBA analysts dismissed these shots because they happened in pickup games, the regular NBA fan hoped to see a new and improved version of Simmons, who will finally be deadly from outside.

Be careful what you wish for because it seems like Benny is embracing the fact that he needs to be a versatile and unpredictable machine from anywhere on the court.

In yesterday’s game, the Sixers went up against the Guangzhou Long-Lions. Philadelphia won 144-86, and Simmons finished the game with 21 points and 100 from behind the arc. He only had one attempt, but still enough to give everyone hope that he’s finally feeling comfortable with taking that kind of shot.

Here’s what Jalen Rose had to say about the shot:

For a young all-star player that flirts with triple-doubles on a nightly basis, will play defense, can finish at the hoop — he had a glaring weakness in his game. And that’s what you want to see — young people improve.

It wasn’t that he’s wasn’t’ making jump shots, he wasn’t attempting jump shots outside of the paint! So for his team to respond like this, they understand the importance of it. If he can make jump shots, you Philadelphia 76ers will be my favorite to come out of the east.

I’m hoping to see Ben get more comfortable with his shot. If he genuinely evolves his shooting game, the Sixers will be able to spread the floor like never before and with a healthy Embidd, Harris, Horford — they will be a different kind of monster.