Jalen Rose once trashed talked Michael Jordan calling him overrated

Jalen Rose once trashed talked Michael Jordan calling him overrated

Jalen Rose was featured in an interview with VladTV where he shed more light on the time he called Michael Jordan ‘overrated’ during games. This is obviously a pretty ridiculous thing to say but according to Rose, he had a good reason for his behaviour.

Growing up in Detroit, Rose was a huge Pistons fan right at the time when they were the best team in the NBA, winning two championships in a row. However, in 1991 the Bulls swept the Pistons in the ECF, which resulted in Pistons leaving the court seconds before the game officially ended. This move by the entire team resulted in a lot of of harsh judgment around the league and among the fans saying Pistons have no class and that is not how athletes should act.

Rose, on the other hand, felt like he was a part of the Pistons so he admitted his ego took over and he rooted against Jordan his entire career. When he got drafted to the NBA this was a chance for him to actually play against Jordan directly which Jalen used as an opportunity to call Jordan overrated.

“I told Jordan he was overrated. Part of my ego makes me want to think I was a part of the Bad Boys Pistons team but I actually didn’t get a uniform so when they walked off and didn’t shake the Bulls hands I felt that, that was everything to me. I rooted against him his whole career hoping  that I made it to the NBA and now I’m in the league and there he goes.”

Despite being an avid Pistons fan, Rose soon realized there is a reason Jordan beat the Pistons and why in the eyes of the many he is considered to be the best basketball player that ever lived. He would later also admit Jordan is the GOAT and how nobody even comes close to his status.

“He won two separate three-peats and he won finals MVP every single time. I could give you all kinds of stats but what I just said will never be duplicated. Yeah, he is the GOAT.”