Jalen Rose explains why Simmons came back to Philly “You don’t get traded by not playing”

Jalen Rose explains why Simmons came back to Philly “You don’t get traded by not playing”

With missing tonight’s game against the Nets, Ben Simmons is already down close to 1 million American dollars, and it seems like that’s his threshold. In a series of tweets, Adrian Wojnarowski informed us that there’s movement on getting Simmons back into camp.

It’s obvious Daryl Morey has enough organizational support to call Simmons’ bluff, and it’s working. Since this drama started, Jalen Rose said if you want to get traded in the NFL, you hold out, and if you want to get traded in the NBA, you show up. Think of the players who successfully forced a trade in the past few years. Both Jimmy Butler in Minessota and James Harden in Houston showed up, got their checks, and made it very uncomfortable.

You don’t get traded by not coming to training camp and not playing in the preseason. Now, it’s gonna be awkward when he shows up because the fans and his teammates know he’s there to get his money.

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The main reason Simmons refused to take outside shots in the past few years is vanity. He’s not willing to look uncool and get mocked on social media. Everyone who’s seen him shoot in practice swears he’d probably be around 30ish percent from behind the arc and would likely improve to decent – that wouldn’t cause a lot of mocking online. Paradoxically, his refusal to shoot led to him looking uncool and getting mocked for missing open shots, and being scared of the free-throw line.

But I think vanity will still be a problem. According to Woj and Shams, while Simmons did show up in Philly, there’s no indication he’d be willing to play in a game. So it doesn’t seem a lot would change. Rich Paul must’ve informed his client there’s not a lot of teams willing to offer anything close to what the 76ers are looking for to pull the trigger on a trade.

The best thing Simmons could do to speed up the process of leaving Philly is to show up and play fantastic basketball. The only thing is, after all the drama they caused, that is bound to be uncomfortable. Everything we learned about Simmons is he retreats from awkward situations. Taking this one head-on would send a message to interested teams he may be willing to work on his biggest flaw – getting out of his comfort zone.