Jalen Rose “apologizes” for saying Kevin Love made USA Olympic Team due to tokenism

Jalen Rose “apologizes” for saying Kevin Love made USA Olympic Team due to tokenism

If I feel like Kevin Love should make the team or not, I’m entitled to my opinion,” said Jalen Rose, referring to his comments on Kevin Love being named to USA Olympic Team this summer. “You don’t have to like my opinion, you don’t have to like me. There’s a lot of people trying to assassinate my character or whatever, but those people, some of them, have been doing so for like 30 years … that’s how it is when you have the nerve in a lot of peoples’ estimation to be outspoken.

This is just a fraction of Rose’s 42-minute long “apology” to the Cavaliers forward after saying he only made the team due to tokenism. Funny enough, that also ended up being the only thing the ESPN analyst hasn’t addressed during his Instagram live — not directly, at least. Instead, Jalen focused on self-victimizing, making it seem like the whole backlash was personal and not a byproduct of unnecessarily playing the race card.

Rose said his opinions weren’t misinformed given his degree in mass communications, hitting back at claims he couldn’t articulate himself and was unintelligent. He also said nobody was telling him to apologize but ended up offering one instead. Not to Kevin Love, though.

You know why I’m apologizing right now? To the game. Because I’m what the game made me. I was raised by the all-time greats and you know what I would never want to do? Disappoint [Rose’s late mother] Jeanie Rose or disappoint the all-time greats that raised me.

Jalen Rose

When he did speak directly to the 32-year-old forward, Jalen said even Love must’ve been in shock after the news broke out about him making the team. “I’m pretty sure when you got the call too you were like ‘Word?! I’m on the squad.’ I know how this works ya’ll,” he said. “He looked down at his phone and was like, ‘Yo, they want me? They’re gonna ignore these Cleveland Cav lost tape years?’”

However, USA Basketball director Jerry Colangelo said Love’s international experience, versatility, and willingness to take the lesser role outweighed his lack of play last season. Basically, it’s mostly the intangibles that brought him to the team for his second Olympics after winning the gold medal in 2012.

So no, Jalen, K-Love didn’t make it because someone was scared to “make an all-Black team representing the United States of America” — the 2016 USA Olympic Team was all black. He made it solely for his basketball resume, being a great fit next to the rest of the guys. The fact he’s white had nothing to do with it, and the fact you can get away with saying something like that without any consequences is troubling — especially after the way you’ve apologized for it.

You aren’t sorry for saying it. You’re sorry more people don’t agree with you. But you still think you’re right. And basketball-wise, you might be. But everything else was uncalled for, and rambling, incoherent non-apology isn’t going to cut it. At least it shouldn’t.

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