Jalen Rose and Chris Webber end their feud with C-Webb’s Hall-of-Fame announcement

Jalen Rose and Chris Webber end their feud with C-Webb’s Hall-of-Fame announcement

After a long wait and numerous debates, it has been announced Chris Webber will be a part of the 2021 Hall of Fame class alongside some other big names like Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Ben Wallace, Toni Kukoč, Rick Adelman, Bill Russell (as coach) and more. It has been a long and emotional journey for the power forward out of Detroit, but his dream has finally come true.

Webber went onto ESPN to share his thoughts and reactions, and he was interviewed by his longtime friend and “Fab 5” teammate Jalen Rose. The only problem was that the two former players fell out when Webber got caught in the middle of the University of Michigan basketball scandal, causing the “Fab 5” legacy to be tarnished and erased from history. Rose said Webber should apologize, while C-Webb thought otherwise. But it seems the two friends set aside their differences for Webber’s big day in an emotional conversation between the two.

Rose gave Webber a big and heartfelt congratulation, describing his whole basketball life with a lot of praise and pride, causing Webber to get emotional and share his response.

“Well, thank you, brother, I don’t know, J. I’m still shocked. My father’s very happy, so that makes me happy. My mothers happy, and It’s just a moment of being grateful, just thankful. I’m just thankful to all the people and the family members and friends and family that’s been around. I’m just in shock. I really don’t know what to say.”

Chris Webber, ESPN

The two talked about their early basketball days and how their families played a huge part in both of them succeeding in their craft. Rose also described Webber’s unique skill set and abilities that made him a player ahead of his time, representing in plain sight how the two of them are still huge friends, no matter their disagreements in the past.

To cap it all off, Rose congratulated Webber one more time: “I love you my brother. Congratulations. You made it to the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.” 

Webber responded: “Jalen Anthony Rose, it’s crazy, man. And thank God for your beautiful, wonderful mother, [because] you know what she did for me.

The two friends and former teammates shared a genuine moment, hinting that the beef between the two has been forgotten. You could hear in Webber’s voice that he is emotionally exhausted after a very eventful and long week for him. From parting ways with his longtime employer TNT to finally achieving the most prestigious achievement in basketball, it took a lot out of him. But this conversation with Jalen Rose definitely took an enormous burden off his chest. Congrats to C-Web for finally making it into the Hall-of-Fame. Well deserved.