“It’s time for KD to move on”

“It’s time for KD to move on”

Kendrick Perkins outstayed his welcome in the NBA for many years after he could contribute with basketball. So why did teams keep signing him? His locker room presence was equally valuable as scoring points and grabbing rebounds. One of the places he spent time in was Oklahoma City where he was the veteran presence for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

KD and Perkins stayed tight, but Perkins would never ask KD about his career and free agency plans. That changed and Perkins told the crew at The Jump how he did ask KD recently and didn’t get an answer. “He kinda’ got in his feelings about it.

At least we know KD is consistent with being sensitive, it’s not just the terrible media that “terrorizes” him with questions, he gets equally defensive with friends. Back to what Perk thinks KD should do.

He’s done what he needed to do in Golden State, he won a couple of rings and that’s always gonna be Steph’s team. I think now is the time for KD to move on and so it can be Kevin’s team.

This is a rationale most of us expect to be dominant with KD. He has the facts, but he craves for the narrative. Despite all the tough guy performance he is putting on, the man with many twitter accounts wants to be universally loved and recognized.

This is something he can not achieve playing in Steph’s team. Nichols seemed frustrated and reiterated how she is baffled that anyone would leave a dynasty that plays a fun style of basketball. Her mistake is in thinking this is a rational decision.

A player that is only about basketball would stay in basketball nirvana. A player that’s chasing a story wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong; it is a legitimate goal, his life, and his decision.

Let’s just not pretend he is all and only about playing ball.