“It’s called marketing people”

“It’s called marketing people”

Shaq always took pride in his business acumen. His success isn’t just limited to his basketball days, and it centers on Shaq understanding his public image and using it as a marketing tool…even if he starts promoting tampons.

O’Neal was caught by TMZ Sports and commented on Drake’s antics on the sideline. He compared Drake to Steve Ballmer, the Clippers owner, who is also very animated on the sidelines. Now, Ballmer doesn’t give Doc Rivers a quick massage, and Drake does get away with trash talk that would get the average Joe thrown from the game, but as a public figure (and a former team ambassador) he gets some leeway.

As a league, you want fans and players with character and energy – just think how much we would’ve lost with no Spike or Nicholson on the sideline. In the end, Shaq called it for what it is.

[Drake] is just having fun, having a good time … as a guy sitting there watching on TV, it’s very entertaining. Drake is a smart guy. He knows what he’s doing. It’s called marketing, people!

When he commented on the Finals, even the Hall of Famer talked about all the storylines and narratives that built up through the Playoffs. Yes, strategic decisions and the game themselves are the primary reason we are tuning in, but some smack talk just spices things up.

As a fan, you want to see smack talk.
Drake vs. Draymond – I love it.
Kevin Durant and Klay calling him by his government name – I love it.
1:1 series – I love it.
The drama, is Klay hurt – I love it.
DeMarcus stepping up – I love it.

We love it too. TMZ caught Shaq going to the gym, and there was a Jonas brothers event going on around the corner. The reporter mentioned they came there with their wives and you can guess what Shaq did next.

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That face.. 🤣 (Via @tmz_tv)

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