“IT WAS DOG DOO-DOO IN IT” Agent Zero’s pranks on Andray Blatche

“IT WAS DOG DOO-DOO IN IT” Agent Zero’s pranks on Andray Blatche

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think about Gilbert Arenas, the word clutch comes to mind. Because, other than being one of the NBA’s best scorers in the ’00s, Arenas was also one of the best closers of that time.

However, that won’t be the first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think about Agent Zero. It’ll be the off the court stuff. All the incidents that overshadowed his greatness on the basketball court, most notably the locker room incident that involved Javaris Crittenton.

But if his basketball abilities aren’t the first thing you associate Gilbert with, try stepping away from what took place in ’09. There’s so much more to Arenas than that, and we shouldn’t let that become a trademark of his. Instead, let me offer you an alternative – Arenas’ pranks. They paint the perfect picture of the persona Hibachi was and is to this day.

So here’s the first one, involving Andray Blatche, who, as you’ll learn later on, was Gilbert’s go-to teammate to pull a prank on. According to Arenas himself, this was his best work ever, and it involved letter rearrangement.

I cut the lower part of the L out, so it looked like an I and put tape on the A and tape on the E, and he almost went into the game with his jersey spelling “B*TCH.”

Gilber Arenas, AMA Reddit

If that doesn’t do it for you, here’s the second alternative. As you might’ve guessed, Andray Blatche is once again the star of the show. But this time, it was something much worse than playing with a word b*tch on his back. What can be worse than that – you might ask. How about having a dog poop in your shoe?

I have a feeling this one will be the winner. So the next time you think Arenas, first of all, try steering your mind into something basketball-related. Trust me, prime Agent Zero is worth it. But if you just can’t help it and you have to associate him with something outside of the game itself, think Arenas the prankster because these paint the perfect picture of the goofiness that Gilbert embodies.