“It took Michael seven years to get one dunk!”

“It took Michael seven years to get one dunk!”

If you were to describe Dikembe Mutombo in a single play, it would be a block followed by his trademark finger move. He is second all-time in blocked shots, meaning he gave the finger wag 3289 times in his NBA career. Only Hakeem was better with 3830.

We covered Mutombos charity work yesterday and the amazing story of him helping a young boy from Congo fly to America and get much-needed surgery. The Jump hosted him so he can share the story and while they had him on the show, used the opportunity to ask him about one of the most memorable dunks in NBA history.

Dikembe was (quite bravely) talking trash to Jordan how he never posterized him in the six years he had been in the league at the time. The banter went on and then later in the season, this happened:

Yet another person to talk thrash to His Airness and live to tell the story. Dikembe was quite funny in his response when asked what did he think at that moment. He didn’t really give a direct answer, but we can assume it was something like “FU–, everyone told me not to talk trash to him…”. He did point out that it took MJ six years to get him and added (via The Jump):

I’m in the Hall of Fame for blocking shots, so give me some credit! I’m not gonna sit here quiet because somebody was lucky enough to get one dunk.

Dikembe said there are many good blockers in the league today and that he doesn’t mind them using the finger wag, although he may consider asking for a royalty fee. That included Joel Embiid who he calls “my baby boy.”