It seems both Kawhi and his uncle Dennis are under investigation from the NBA

It seems both Kawhi and his uncle Dennis are under investigation from the NBA

The NBA is in the process of investigating to find out if different franchises offered extra something to free agents in an attempt to outplay the salary cap. The problem was raised by several owners at the NBA’s board of governors meeting that happened earlier this month. According to some reports most accusations have been going towards Kawhi Leonard and his advisor and uncle, Dennis Robertson.

Several days ago it was Stephen A.Smith who first brought up this topic for discussion after he heard that their certain rumors floating around the NBA about this problem. There were pieces of information that Kawhi’s uncle was asking a lot of stuff from the teams which is essentially an illegal act.

“Allegedly, the uncle, Uncle Dennis, was asking for a lot of stuff from the other teams; houses, planes, sponsorship, guaranteed sponsorship money, just as an example. They’re throwing this stuff out there. All of those things are supposedly illegal in the collective bargaining agreement. I have no idea whether this is true or not. I’m not trying to cast any aspersions on Uncle Dennis, but people in NBA circles are talking about this as we speak.”

There were also indications Kawhi’s team was asking for things which are not usual or normal for players to ask during those types of meetings. So there is a notion that Raptors and Lakers who obviously lost in getting Kawhi didn’t want to give up something the other team might have. given up.

“One could argue the reason why this story is out there right now about the Lakers and the Raptors feeling played wasn’t just because of what Uncle Dennis asked for, but they’re going to try to turn that around and parlay that into a question about what did the Clippers give up to get Kawhi Leonard. So in other words, you’ve got teams right now playing games with one another talking about they’re trying to point the finger at the Clippers saying, ‘let’s ask what the Clippers did to get Kawhi Leonard.'”

It’s up to the NBA now to find out whether rules were broken after the free agency officially started on June 30th. One of the problems that also arises in the whole story is that the NBA might not pursue punishments, but it may lead to updating its free agency rules. This might potentially solve the problem in the future, however, the entire investigation will reveil a lot of things that might clear out the air a bit.