“IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME” Klay honors the dying wish of his biggest fan

“IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME” Klay honors the dying wish of his biggest fan

Klay Thompson might be the coolest guy in the entire NBA. But what he did on Monday goes beyond cool. It goes beyond the game of basketball itself. This was larger than life.

It all started on October 16, with a Facebook post by KTVU news anchor Frank Somerville. It was the story about Deborah Wright, a huge Warriors fan who was told she has two-to-six weeks left to live while battling metastatic breast cancer. Her husband of 21 years, Randall Wright, shared the story to Somerville, talking about her love for the Warriors and one player in particular – Klay Thompson. He had reached out to Frank, trying to make his dying wife’s dream come true.

My Bride loves Klay Thompson of the Warriors. I was wondering if at all possible if maybe he could FaceTime her (or Zoom or whatever). I ask for nothing else… no gifts, money, or anything… just for the possibility of a visit from Mr. Thompson.

Randall Wright

Thanks to the power of social media, the message found its recipient, and Klay once again delivered when it mattered the most. With the help of Golden State’s Sr. Vice President of Communications Raymond Ridder, NBA All-Star reached out to the Wright family and had a 25-minute video call with his biggest fan.

In a follow-up message to Somerville, Randall called Klay ‘a kind and gentle soul‘ and talked about how he even introduced Debbie to his dog Rocko. ‘He made me feel like we’ve been friends forever,’ Deborah said. ‘It was just a down-to-earth conversation. I’ve still got a smile on my face from yesterday. It meant everything to me. It made me feel so much better. I like to focus on the positive, and it gave me a positive to think about.

This is what it’s all about. No championship rings, no shooting records, no All-Star appearances, none of that can compare to what Klay did for the Wright family. He’s no longer an ‘All-Star’ personality. He’s a Hall of Famer.