“It is the ultimate “look at me” move”

“It is the ultimate “look at me” move”

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Jimmy Butler, then it’s the fact that man is intense. Love him or hate him kind of guy. That’s why everyone agrees Jimmy is perfect for Miami Heat and their identity.

James Johnson being removed from training camp due to “insufficient conditioning” is a clear example of the level of expectations the Heat organizations have for their players. As team veteran Udonis Haslem explained it, it’s not for everyone. You either get with the program or pack your bags. 

Yet, Jimmy might’ve taken it a bit too far. On the first day of training camp players were expected to show up at 9 am, and Jimmy came in at 3:30 to work out individually. This is going to shock you all – he posted it on social media. Later other Heat players started to post their absurd workout hours. Amin Elhassan was quite clear about it:

I agree with Amin, but sadly this is the era we live in. This is similar to people posting happy birthday to their parents on their own social media – it’s not for the person that is celebrating their birthday, it’s for all of us to see and think “wow, what an amazing son/daughter/family member/friend this person is.” 

If you just want to inspire your teammates, you send it to your text group, slack, email chain – whatever you use. After all the drama in Minessota and an interview with Rachel Nichols 5 min after the training session, we shouldn’t be surprised that Jimmy Butler works as hard on his public image of a hard worker, as much as he actually works hard.