“ISSA NO FOR ME” Dame’s simple response to a fan asking him to join the Suns

“ISSA NO FOR ME” Dame’s simple response to a fan asking him to join the Suns

As you already know, one thing that truly sticks out about Damian Lillard is his loyalty. The 5x NBA All-Star and Blazer’s franchise player has made it known publicly, time and time again that he has a mission in Portland and that he doesn’t plan on leaving the city until that mission is accomplished.

In the day and age of super-teams and NBPA politics, Dame proudly stands ten toes down, making it crystal clear that he won’t be jumping ships just so that he could go and chase a ring. Talk about a real one. I mean, the guy literally puts his own first.

Anyway, recently a Suns fans went on twitter to propose an interesting offer to Damian. His response?

Loud and clear right?

Imagining Dame teaming up with Devin Booker is a scary sight. Not to mention the Suns have a very talented young frontcourt with players like Ayton and Oubre. But let’s be honest for a second here, are the Suns that much better of a team than the Blazers?

Pre-playoffs, the Suns went on an epic 8-0 run led by Devin Booker’s monstrous scoring performances, but unfortunately due to their overall record, they fell short of making the playoffs.

Which team took their spot? That’s right, the Blazers led by the dynamic backcourt duo of Dame and CJ, complemented by a healthy Nurkic, Melo, and others. So yeah, Dame going to Phoenix seems cool, but not necessary.

I mean it’s not like some super-team tried to recruit Lillard during his contract extension period right? Wrong!

Loyalty is priceless.

So say whatever you want about Damian Lillard, but one thing you can’t say is that he is not authentic. A true rarity in a league of conspierers and drama queens, Dame Dolla, stays as humble as a walk in the park.

Not only that, he is determined to bring every super-team down, and we wish him nothing but success on that mission.