Isaiah Stewart handed out heavier penalty than LeBron James

Isaiah Stewart handed out heavier penalty than LeBron James

The verdict is now out. The NBA has announced penalties for LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart after the ugly incident that happened in the game between the Lakers and the Pistons. As expected, Stewart received a harsher sanction.

NBA suspends LeBron James, Isaiah Stewart

ESPN reported that LeBron is set to miss one game while Stewart will miss two games. As a result, The King will lose $284,000, his salary for one game, while Isaiah will forfeit $45,000 – his pay for two games. The 20-year-old has been given heavier penalties because of his role in “escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing James.”

Meanwhile, it will be the Lakers star’s first suspension of his career. LeBron threw a wayward elbow that bloodied Stewart’s eye. The two had to be separated, and it seemed that things were already under control for a while, but an incensed Isaiah came storming back to get his hands on LeBron. A commotion erupted again between players and people trying to block the attacking Stewart. It was not a pretty sight on TV, especially for young NBA fans. 

James has been known as a pacifier and a passive guy in the league. He has never been involved in altercations where he pursued another player to retaliate. The one-game suspension could tarnish his legacy a bit, but things happen on the court that are beyond any player’s control. Good thing James was calm and could be seen trying to apologize to Stewart, but the heat of the moment probably got the bloodied power forward. 

 Isaiah Stewart receiving harsher penalty

LeBron not getting paid $284,000 is nothing for him but Stewart, losing check for two games is a big deal. The 16th overall pick in the 2020 draft signed a deal worth $15,098,193 for four years with the Pistons last year. He might achieve greater things in the NBA, but he will be forever known as the one brave enough to charge at LeBron James, wanting all the smoke. 

Fans are debating whether the suspensions are fair, or should LeBron get the heavier penalty because of his wayward elbow that started the commotion? Sound off in the comments if you think the sanctions are fair or not.