Is this 7’9” prospect the future of the NBA?

Is this 7’9” prospect the future of the NBA?

The NBA is the land of giants, as some of the tallest people in the world’s history have played in the league. The tallest player ever to play in the NBA is Gheorghe Mureșan, as the Romanian center was listed at 7’7” (231cm). He had a very solid 10-year career, but it seems we have a successor in the making, as a young prodigy and enigma is brewing in Nigeria.

18-year old Abiodun Adegoke has started to blow up after the young’s Nigerian center video has surfaced, showing him during a workout, dunking the ball, moving well, and blocking shots. What’s so special about that? Oh yeah, he is 7’9” (236cm) tall !!! He doesn’t have to jump to dunk it ferociously or block someone, as jaws from numerous basketball fans throughout the world have dropped.

Adegoke was recorded at a youth development camp in Dubai, as he has already gained attention from the American media, fans, and even NBA scouts. The combination of the incredible size and solid footwork looks pretty good, but it is a tiny sample to have any firm conclusions about his game. But that didn’t stop the so-called “Big Naija” from getting a lot of attention.

But as it usually goes with African athletes, his actual age has been a topic of discussion. Abiodun claims he is 18-years old, but there has been information and rumors he is actually 21-years old. He hasn’t shown any proof he is 18, as a story from Nigeria back in 2016 surfaced about a 17-year old, 7’1”(218cm) prodigy who needs financial support to fund his tuition after he leaves school. The story very much sounds like it is revolved around Adegoke.

Nevertheless, “Big Naija” is still claiming to be a teenager, as he is continuing to work out and play in the MPAC Elite Youth League located in Dubai, as one day we will perhaps see him on the NBA court. It would be fun for sure, as he would shatter the record of being the tallest player in NBA history.