Is Kyrie Irving the most selfish NBA player today?

Is Kyrie Irving the most selfish NBA player today?

Kyrie Irving is a superstar whose attitude and behavior have turned off more and more fans recently. His skills are on the elite level. However, his opinions sometimes leave a lot of question marks if you listen to them carefully. 

Kyrie Irving liking posts on vaccine conspiracy theories

Irving has not had any COVID vaccine, which could make him unable to play NBA games. His team, the Brooklyn Nets, are required to follow laws that state professional athletes need to be vaccinated to be allowed to play indoors unless a player applies for an exemption on the grounds of medical or religious reasons. Kyrie’s views on the vaccination are not yet clear, but his continued refusal to get one speaks of his beliefs and opinion on the matter. 

Irving, who holds a position in the players’ union, sends a wrong message to other players. According to an article published by Rolling Stone, the 7-time All-Star has been following and liking posts of a conspiracy theorist who claims that vaccines have microchips on them. In this day and age, where it’s easier to see if news or an article online is legit or not, people such as Irving choose to believe in unverified information. Kyrie is no ordinary person; he is an NBA superstar idolized by thousands of kids worldwide. His controversial beliefs may result in thousands of kids believing in them, too. 

The Nets guard is entitled to his opinions, but refusing to take vaccinations means he chooses to endanger the people around him. By not following the mandated laws, he risks not being allowed to play home games which is a disservice to the team and fans he plays for. 

Kyrie Irving is not the only player who refuses to get vaccinated. It is also not the first time he has had interesting views on other matters. He once believed that the Earth is flat. However, COVID vaccinations are a different thing. It could cause harm and even death to others. Just ask Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl Anthony-Towns, who lost several relatives to COVID. 

Irving drops out of the top 10 player rankings of ESPN

ESPN releases its annual rankings of NBA players. This year, Irving was ranked at 20th place. Khris Middleton, Trae Young, and Chris Paul are ahead of him. He may not be on the top 10 list, but at the border of the top 20 players in the NBA may be a bit of a stretch, and it should light a fire under him.

Injuries and sometimes unexplained absences in games might have played a factor in why his ranking slid a few notches. When he is healthy and focused, Uncle Drew is a borderline 50/90/40 player. However, he is not getting more love from fans when he suddenly goes AWOL before game time or shares controversial opinions. Kyrie Irving is not as good as he thinks he is. He should focus on helping the Nets win a championship, especially now that everyone is healthy and ready to play, which automatically makes them the favorites to win it all next season.