‘Inside the NBA is a s**thouse, it’s terrible.’

‘Inside the NBA is a s**thouse, it’s terrible.’

A significant percentage of its fans are continually criticizing the NBA as a basketball product and a league. They have many valid reasons for their dissatisfaction with how things are done within the league, which directly affects the game’s quality. Some of the fans have been very vocal about different aspects that bother them. A few days, ago news reporter Josh Lloyd shared his frustrations with TNT’s show Inside the NBA and how their hosts behave, especially towards the players and the league as a brand.

Shaquille O’Neal was recently under a lot of criticism because he was continually throwing shots at different players in the league, predominantly Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Shaq’s recent fluke was when he didn’t even know Pascal Siakam’s first name, which Lloyd didn’t find amusing and went to say how unprofessional they seem and how their commentary is often misleading and often inappropriate.

Just another example of why Inside the NBA is a s**thouse, it’s terrible. He either didn’t know Pascal Siakam’s first name, or he is acting like he doesn’t know his first name. I don’t know who finds it funny and people who think that is just entertainment, but it’s a terrible look for the league. It’s a horrible look for the league to have your flagship half-time, pregame show dislike the league they are covering, hate the modern players, talk shit about them and actually not watch anything. For as entertaining as it might be in terms of comedy, this is advertising the league, and you fuel all the other bulls**t. The regular season doesn’t mean anything; who cares about the NBA? People don’t even watch it. It fuels that bulls**t talk, which is absolutely false.

Josh Lloyd

You can argue that it’s their job to make comments such as Shaq made in the past few weeks under the assumption it’s all under the name of entertainment. However, there are certain limits regarding humor and when seriousness is necessary, especially if you are a co-host on a show dedicated to basketball. Nobody wants to see people who host the show actively bash the league and the players and not produce much value for the viewers.

It’s okay to be critical and at the same time vocal about it, but there are certain lines a professional shouldn’t cross. The league has been struggling with many problems lately, and it sure doesn’t need people who should be promoting the sport, but they actively criticize it to a point in which good taste is long gone.