In 2015, Kobe Bryant shared how he wants to be remembered

In 2015, Kobe Bryant shared how he wants to be remembered

The late great Kobe Bryant left an incredible mark on the NBA and millions of fans worldwide. When he and his daughter Gianna tragically died, it felt like a big void was missing, especially in the basketball community. Kobe’s legacy was incredible, not just from a basketball perspective because Kobe also dived into other ventures where he wanted to leave a mark and share his knowledge. He won an Oscar and became a successful businessman who started investing in various companies and found a purpose in life after basketball, which is not the case for many professional athletes.

Despite all of the things he was involved in after his career. Kobe is remembered as a basketball player, and that is the story he wanted to share with everyone. In an older interview from 2015, while he was still playing for the Lakers, Kobe talked about his legacy knowing his career was soon over. Known as a hard worker who had nothing given to him, Bryant said he wants to be remembered as someone who used his talents and never wasted a day to work on his craft.

I’ve always said that I wanted to be remembered as a player that didn’t waste a moment, never wasted a day. I felt extremely blessed by the god-given talent, but at the same time, I didn’t take it for granted. If I can be remembered as a person that was born with a lot of talent but did everything he could to try and overachieve and looked at every day like he was the 12th guy on the bench. I think that is a very powerful message to have and something hopefully the players that are now and players that will come later choose to embody as well.

Kobe Bryant, via ESPN

When Bryant created ‘Mamba Mentality’, it meant just what he wanted his fans to know about him. The desire to be the best you can be while at the same time having the passion for executing and working on your craft because talent can always get you that far. Others told countless stories on Kobe’s work ethic, which is the way he was programmed throughout the majority of his life, even after basketball. Who knows what remarkable things he could have done in his life, and it’s unfortunate we’ll never know, but we can all learn one valuable lesson. It’s important to stay hungry, humble, work hard, and good things will come your way.

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