In 2006, at the age of 45, Rodman broke the rebounding record in the BBL (British Basketball League)
Rebounding Record

In 2006, at the age of 45, Rodman broke the rebounding record in the BBL (British Basketball League)

Dennis Rodman was truly one of a kind player, famous for both his on and off the court activities, but nobody can’t deny he was one of the best defenders and rebounders the league has ever seen. Some of the things Rodman did on the court can’t be taught, and they are a by-product of pure talent and a lot of hard work.

A great example of Rodman’s greatness and fantastic feel for the game came long after retiring from the NBA. At the age of 45, Dennis Rodman decided to get back to basketball and have a short stint with a team from the British Basketball League. The team is called the Brighton Bears, and in 2006, when Rodman decided to play three games for them, they were coached by the current NBA head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse.

In his book the Rapture, Nurse explains what it was like having an old Dennis Rodman on a team, and interestingly enough, he only played in three games after signing a $75.000 contract. Rodman wouldn’t be Rodman if he didn’t do something remarkable during his short time with the team.

According to Nurse, he was late 20 min for his first game after arriving there in a limo and eventually missed a game-winning free-throw attempt. Overall, his first game didn’t go so well since he only scored 4 points, but he saw a lot of support from the fans, who were delighted he was there.

The people here were really respectful. Like I said, sorry if I didn’t put on a good show, but it wasn’t for me to put on a show. It was to come here and have a good time.I don’t try to dissapoint anybody, but if I have, I want to come back, repair the favor and hopefully put on a better show.

Dennis Rodman, via Burges Hill

Rodman didn’t disappoint, and, in one of his next two games, he set the league’s record for most rebounds in a game, with 23 boards. Remember, he was 45 at the time, playing against players that were young enough could be his kids.

Rodman didn’t spend a lot of time in the UK and moved on playing in games worldwide. Later on, other players broke his rebounding record in the BBL. Nick Nurse would work his way up in the NBA and win a championship with the Toronto Raptors, showcasing he is one of the most underrated coaches in the league.