IN 1988. MICHAEL JORDAN AND ELLIOTT GOULD went head-to-head for charity

IN 1988. MICHAEL JORDAN AND ELLIOTT GOULD went head-to-head for charity

In 1988. Michael Jordan and Elliot Gould squared off for a noble cause on national television in order to raise charitable funds for homeless children.

As a part of a segment called “War of the Stars” hosted by Dick van patten, MJ and Gould competed in 3 different games of “HORSE,” “Around The World,” and a terribly unfair game of 1 on 1 basketball.

At the time, the 25 year old Jordan was just starting to establish himself as the NBA’s next big superstar while Gould was establishing himself as one of Hollywoods best jewish actors.

During a sit-down with Rich Eisen on his late night talk show, Gould reminisced on how the whole thing went down.

“And so we played HORSE, and I could shoot. Especially back then, I could shoot with two hands, and Michael doesn’t shoot with two hands. And so I said: ‘I’m gonna start us off with an old-fashioned, traditional, fundamental two-handed set shot like the one Red Auerbach taught me. And I hit a swish, and Michael didn’t shoot so right away he’s got a letter. He’s behind.

Eliott Gould, “The Rich Eisen Show

Gould went on to say that after losing the first two games, they went toe-to-toe in an intense game of “Around The World” that ended in a truly surprising fashion.

“Then we played around the world, and Michael didn’t win every game…Michael Jordan lost to me in a game of “Around The World.” I miss a shot, nobody’s perfect, Michael doesn’t close it out. I come all the way back around and I say to Dick Van Patten who was running the whole thing: ‘On the playground, in the schoolyard, where I learned the game, if you come all the way back around, you gotta sink three foul shots to close out the game.’ And he said, just sink one, and I did! …And so I said ‘that it made sense that a jew would beat Michael Jordan in around the world.”

So yeah, apparently that happened. Elliott Gould used his influence to make sure he beat Mike in at least one game they played, no matter the handicap.

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In 1988. Michael Jordan and Elliot Gould went head-to-head for charity

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