“I’m staying in Boston”

“I’m staying in Boston”

Kyrie Irving made it clear, he wants to re-sign with the Celtics after this season. A man not known for easy to understand statements didn’t complicate this one. “If you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here next year,” he said at the event for season ticket holders for season-ticket holders at TD Garden on Thursday night.

Kyrie is still on the contract he signed with the Cavs (5 years, $94 million), and he could’ve resigned with the Celtics this summer, but that would mean he would leave about $80 million on the table. He has a player option for 2019-2020 season but like all his peers, he will refuse that to lock up a new long-term deal. Smart considering the cap implications and his health issues.

There were some rumors this summer about New York, his hometown, and the idea he wants to play with Jimmy Butler there, but it seems those were not serious nor were they a way to put pressure on Boston to pay up more money. Kyrie understands he is in an amazing situation to be the point guard and leader of a team with great things ahead of them. A starting five including himself, Tatum, Brown, Hayward, and Horford with a monster bench AND a lot of first-round draft picks to come in (or be traded for contributors). Not to mention he has one of the best coaches and GMs in the league running the show.


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The Celtics ownership state they are ready to go into the tax in the future for a contending team and paying Kyrie next summer will be the first step in that direction. If they practice what they preach Boston will have a chance to become a ring contender for many years to come.