“I’m not afraid of LeBron. I’m afraid of lions”

“I’m not afraid of LeBron. I’m afraid of lions”

Teams always build with the champion in mind. If you are in the West, you build to respond to specific match-ups the Warriors present. During his Cleveland-Miami-Cleveland days, most teams built their teams with LeBron in mind.

One of the leading teams in that regard were the Toronto Raptors. They had the players to compete with anyone thought the years, but every time they played against LeBron, he would stop their playoff dream. One of many attempts to find a player that would contain LeBron (no one is stopping him) was Bismarck Biyombo. In 2016 he was with the Raptors and gave an interesting statement. When a reporter asked him if he afraid of LeBron, Biyombo responded “I’m never afraid of human beings. … I am afraid of lions.” His performance against LeBron shoed off that mentality as well.

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Can't argue with that logic

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Biyombo was recently a guest on “Fair Game” with Kristine Leahy where he expanded on the comment. It started off as a joke with Kyle Lowry. They were talking in the locker room and Lowry asked Biyombo who is he afraid of to which Biyombo responded that he is not afraid of humans, but he is afraid of lions. Later the reporter asked him about LeBron and he just continued the joke and gave the lion comment again. He clarified he respects his opponent but is not afraid of him.

Later he went back home and spent some time in South Africa. His comment came to collect as someone organized a visit to a lion park so he can face his fear. The visit helped him lose some of the fear but he still said a lion will always be scarier than LeBron (or any other human).