“I’m gonna punch him in his nut next time”

“I’m gonna punch him in his nut next time”

Giannis came out with a vengeance this season. The Bucks are second in the East led by the Greek Freak. He is averaging 27.6. points, 6 assists, and 13.2 rebounds. The offense was built around him with coach Mike Budenholzer at the helm.  He is one of the favorites for MVP and most of all he is physically dominating the league. The man just can’t be denied at the rim.

Obviously, Mario Hezonja didn’t get the memo. His career didn’t develop as expected. After being the 5th pick in the 2015 Draft, he never really developed in Orlando. The Knicks took a chance on him and he is still struggling with consistently performing. Yet, two things could never be criticized with young Mario is athleticism and a “zero fu$%& given” attitude. I submit evidence to support my claim.


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Giannis said he’s gonna punch him next time ?

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This is the quintessential Hezonja play. An athletic defensive play, coast to coast dunk and then a “F— YOU” to Giannis. He didn’t have to go across him. You can see him stop for a split second and make a decision to do this.

Giannis wasn’t happy with the move and had a very simple response in the locker room. “I’m gonna punch him in his nut next time.”

One thing we are all getting on Christmas is a Knicks vs Milwaukee and the Hezonja – Antetokounmpo rematch. Santa Claus is coming to town!

photo by Keith Allison