If Middleton or Booker win Finals MVP, will it hurt Giannis or CP3’s legacy?

If Middleton or Booker win Finals MVP, will it hurt Giannis or CP3’s legacy?

Two MVP awards are handed out every year: the regular-season MVP and the Finals MVP. If Khris Middleton or Devin Booker win it, will it hurt the legacy of Giannis Antetokounmpo or Chris Paul?

Finals MVP over regular-season MVP

Some say that winning Finals MVP is more prestigious than getting the regular season MVP. The stakes and pressure are higher on the grand stage. This is where 16 game players step up. 

Michael Jordan holds the NBA record for winning the most Finals MVP ever. He won 6 in 6 Finals appearances with the Chicago Bulls. The team won each time, which means the legend never lost in an NBA Final, and he had been the best player on the floor every time. 

Does winning finals MVP matter? Stephen Curry has drawn flak in the past for not getting any Finals MVP awards despite winning three titles. In those three championships for the Warriors, Andre Iguodala was named finals MVP in 2014, while Kevin Durant won the award twice in 2017 and 2018. 

Does this mean that Curry choked in the Finals or did not play according to expectations? Certainly not. He was obviously the most important Warrior in that Playoff run. There are many factors why a player gets a Finals MVP nod. It may be his impact, scoring, or leadership in pivotal moments that led to crucial victories. Did it hurt Curry’s legacy that he has not won any finals MVP? Some fans may think that, but for others, it does not matter as long as the championship is won. After all, basketball is a team game, and winning a title as a group means everyone did his part. 

If Middleton or Booker win Finals MVP, will it hurt Giannis or CP3?

There could be some asterisks, but as mentioned, some fans will not make a big deal out of it. The criticisms usually come from haters or bashers. Giannis and Chris Paul displayed incredible performances leading their teams to the Finals. If they don’t win Finals MVP, it does not mean they failed as the franchise’s star – it simply means that another player had a better series. 

We can’t let individual accolades overshadow an entire body of work. They are, in the end, often a result of narrative and certain biases. What matters most is the game, and players like CP3 will always be remembered as awesome ballers, Finals MVP or not. 

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