“IF KAWHI WAS TALKING, I MIGHT LISTEN” Mike Malone owns Patrick Beverly

“IF KAWHI WAS TALKING, I MIGHT LISTEN” Mike Malone owns Patrick Beverly

If you were selecting your All-Flop team, Patrick Beverly would have to get strong consideration. Unfortunately, there would be more candidates than ever, but few are so sensitive to physical contact as Pat Bev. What makes him unique is a complete unawareness of reality, proven by Beverly of all people calling out other people for flailing. 

“He [Jokić] presents the same thing Dončić presents – a lot of flailing. Puts a lot of pressure on the referees to make the right call.”

Patrick Beverly

I’m not sure if Beverly gets what he is doing, but thinks this creates some psychological edge or is he blissfully unaware this should be in the dictionary next to “pot calling the kettle black.” Here are just some of his theatrical performances. 

Jokić had a perfect comeback. After asking for an explanation for “flailing,” The Joker dropped numbers – the Clippers had 26 free throws, the Nuggets had 10. After a few seconds, a grin appeared on his face, probably thinking about the fact Beverly is the one talking about flailing. 

“I’m just showing the ref it’s a foul.”

Nikola Jokić

It was expected the internet would have a blast with Beverly and his antics. What we couldn’t foresee is the coaches joining, specifically Mike Malone. Coaches are usually the ones toning down these kinds of conversations, trying not to add fuel to someone’s competitive fire. Malone was having none of that. 

“Well I don’t listen to Patrick Beverley a lot. If Kawhi Leonard was talking, I might listen.”

Mike Malone, via Ohm Youngmisuk twitter

That’s the thing with trash-talking – the good ones back it up. Beverly is all about intensity and getting into people’s faces. But there is a point of diminishing returns when people tune you out. It’s a thin line between provocateur and clown.