Ice Cube believes the Clippers should move out of L.A.

Ice Cube believes the Clippers should move out of L.A.

Ice Cube is known as a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan for years and is constantly critical towards the Clippers, saying the city of L.A. will never embrace the team.  He was unhappy with the decision Kawhi Leonard made when he decided to join the Clippers even though there were several reports he might join forces with LeBron and Davis with the Lakers.

In a recent interview Ice Cube was back at it again criticizing the Clippers by saying they should move out of L.A. and find a new home for themselves.  The famous rapper compared the Clippers to a cousin who moved into a house and now believes the house belongs him which is an interesting comparison when you think about it.

The Clippers are like your cousin who moved in and starts thinking it’s his house because he’s been there for so long. I think they should move the team. We didn’t ask them to come here. I think it’s unfair to so many cities who don’t have a team that we have two. The Clippers should move because it’s never going to happen for them here. They may have a blip on the radar every now and then but it’s never going to be their city. They should just get out and take the Chargers with them.”

Ice Cube also believes the 16 championships Lakers won caused the Clippers to have an inferiority complex through the years.

“Those championship banners and those jerseys are looking down at you when you play for the Lakers and it’s probably easier to play if you cover those up for some people.”