“I never got suspended for guns”

“I never got suspended for guns”

Gilbert Arenas rarely speaks seriously for more than 10 seconds at a time. Gil is always joking around and often at other people’s expense. Trash talking is an everyday occurrence in the NBA, but Arenas took it to a whole new level. One time, it almost got him shot in the locker-room.

We went into detail on this story before, so let’s just do a quick recap. Arenas and his then-teammate Javaris Crittenton got into it about money being owed after a card game on the team plane. Arenas brought guns to the locker room and set them in front of Crittenton’s locker as a statement. At that point, Crittenton pulled his own loaded gun, cocked it and point it at Arenas. You may think Crittenton would’ve never pulled the trigger and this was just machismo, but you’d be wrong. He is serving 23 years in prison for a gang-related shooting; this was real. 

This was the most extreme of many Arenas’ gun-related incidents. While the Wizards were receiving a mandatory gun-safety lesson due to all the gun-related incidents, most headlining Arenas, Gilbert walked into the room and shot Nick Young with a BB gun. It didn’t help this was all happening in a franchise previously called “The Bullets”.

“I’ll let everyone know now. I never got suspended for guns. I got suspended (for behavior) detrimental to the team because I wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t for having guns.”

Gilbert Arenas at ComplexCon

Gil explained what got him suspended was that he started making gun gestures with his hands during pregame and team introductions. On a panel that talked about the 365 days a year nature of the NBA, and how social media made NBA players the stars they are today, Arenas pointed out he was suspended because he became a PR problem for the league.

A lot of times players brake the rules, but it’s when the fans find out about them the problems start. In the end, the NBA is a family-friendly entertainment business and when you start scaring off customers, lines are drawn.