“I have a confession to make. I just had to go to the bathroom.”

“I have a confession to make. I just had to go to the bathroom.”

He won a ring with the Celtics, Shaq called him “The Truth,” yet one of his most memorable highlights started a theory he went no.2 on the court. 

Pierce’s wheelchair game is one of the NBA’s favorite conspiracy theories. A short reminder. Game 1 of the ’08 Finals against the Lakers, Pierce went down. He was then wheelchaired out of the game, and it seemed the Celtics lost their leading scorer for the night, and probably longer, given the fact he had to be wheelchaired.


Miraculously, he returned to the court and scored back to back threes. The Celtics won Game 1 and would go on to win the title. This return caused a lot of people to joke about this whole episode, with the main theory he soiled himself and had to change. Out of embarrassment, he asked for a wheelchair so we wouldn’t see the stain. Yes, people have that much time in life. 

Last night marked the 11th anniversary from that day, so it was brought up on the broadcast. Paul felt the need to share the truth about what happened. 


Pierce has been the crazy guy on the crew this year, saying all sort of outlandish stuff. (He also cursed every team he labeled a winner in a series.) The way Jalen and Chauncey laughed at the end hinted that we should expect this tweet. 

So, it seems the case is still open. Did he or didn’t he? Oh, by the way. There was a fantastic basketball game last night, Toronto took a 2-1 lead and Game 4 on Friday is a must watch.