I had the worst ​game of my career after that

I had the worst ​game of my career after that

Chris Bosh is one of the more underrated guys from the past few decades. He got drafted to Toronto, where he couldn’t lead the team to a significant result in the playoffs. He realized he needed to change teams, so he accepted to be the third guy behind LeBron and Wade.

We got robbed from his third act by a medical condition that makes you feel like nothing is wrong with you, but is life-threatening if you continue to play and fly a lot. If there was ever a big that would do well in this spacing, 3 point bonanza, his name is Chris Bosh.

After struggling to accept he won’t be able to play anymore, Bosh started to promote the league around the world and appearing on shows. One of those is the Bill Simmons podcast, where Bosh shared his top list of all-time great forwards he faced.

To no surprise, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are at the top of the list. Bosh named the two one after the other, not differentiating with one is better. He did point out that Duncan had the fortune of landing in San Antonio:

Tim was tough just based on the fact that he was in a system that he had mastered, and he was pretty good, and you can’t stop him one-on-one.

Garnett had an unmatched intensity to his game, but Bosh also mentioned his skill level was very high. That is something that often happens. Just because a guy is the best in one aspect, we overlook the other areas he was great in. Your first instinct is not to think of Duncan, not the most athletic of players, as a one-on-one master or KD as a supremely skilled guy. You would think of KD as a trash talker, and Bosh had a story to tell.

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Bosh ended the story with "it was true" 🤣

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You expected something much worse than momma’s boy, right? Bosh revealed why it bothered him – it was true. That is the art of trash-talking, sniffing out the weakness in your opponent. Anyone can curse and throw insults, but pure trash talkers have the emotional IQ to know which button to push.