“I had no business on the court, none what so ever.”

Boogie Cousins shocked the NBA in the summer of 2018 when he signed for the Golden State Warriors. They had Steph, Klay, and Draymond, then in 2016, Kevin Durant joined the team, and now Boogie? A starting five that isn’t supposed to be possible in the salary cap era.

To remind you, the Warriors got Boogie for $5.3 million for one year. He was recovering from an Achilles tear, and that fact in combination with his not so stellar reputation when it came to character and on-cour behavior meant not a lot of teams were offering a contract to Cousins. There was probably more money on the table, but there definitely wasn’t any max or close to max contracts out there. So to rehabilitate his Achilles and his reputation, Boogie went to Golden State.

After a long rehab of his Achilles, he finally returned on the court on January 18th. He played 15 minutes that night and slowly started to get his conditioning back. The Warriors didn’t need him to be the favorites and looked invincible with him. Boogie gave them flexibility in their style of play and a monster scorer for the second team. The combinations were endless. 

Then finally, in his 9th year in the league, Boogie finally made it to the playoffs. The experience didn’t last long. In their second game of the first round, against the Clippers, Boogie went down after 3:51 in the game. He had torn his quad muscle. He intercepted a pass, went after the ball and just went down. No contact injuries mean it’s something serious, and everyone had written him off for the remainder of the playoffs. But, Boogie worked hard in rehab and came back. 

“I rehabbed a torn quad in six weeks and came back. I had no business on the floor, none whats so ever.” 

DeMarcus Cousins, All The Smoke

But, it was the Finals and Boogie made it back. Who knows if he will ever get a chance to play in the Finals again. With KD and Klay going down, the Warriors needed every man out there. How did Boogie make it back so quickly?  

“I don’t even know how I did it honestly. The first week, I laid in an oxygen tank, for like four hours a day. Just laying there, brain feeling like it’s about to explode. But it was supposed to promote healing so I did that the whole first week.”

DeMarcus Cousins, All The Smoke

After that, Boogie rehabbed every single day, sometimes even two times a day. All that to maybe get back in time to help his team in the playoffs. He made it back and played in all 6 Finals games, but he wasn’t ready to play Finals basketball and the Raptors won the title.