“I had a better career than Wade”

“I had a better career than Wade”

Shots fired!! As Dwayne Wade’s career is coming to its end, everyone is trying to rank him in the history books. We need a few years for the nostalgia to settle down and have an objective view, but until then it is hot take season!

The hottest of them all so far come from Wade’s contemporary Paul Pierce. The Celtics – Heat rivalry during the Big 3 era in Miami was one of the fiercest ones we had in a long time, and we again learn that star player never really let go.

After this, Paul elaborated on what he said a bit more, and don’t miss the part when he gives props to Wade. There is a lot of respect there.

Two thoughts came to mind. First one is about ranking Wade in the shooting guard category. He is one of the best. Specific numbers are futile, after MJ in his tier, Wade is in the second one with other superstars like Kobe and Harden. How you rank them within that tier is a matter of basketball taste.

Second, I’ve always had skepticism about former players being rushed into commentator jobs. For starters,  “players only” broadcasts are horrible. There is a big difference between watching a game next to a few former players and translating that quality to a TV broadcast. The same as most reporters can’t do it, most former players can’t.

Them being on panels with professional reporters is a bit easier, but in the end most of them always (shockingly) take the players side and don’t give any more profound insight. There is a code between players, which is understandable, but I’d say that code is preventing most of them to be good TV material. 

The only exception being when they talk about themselves. Then it seems, we get brutal honesty.